KKR Blockchain Fund

KKR blockchain fund creates a new field of blockchain, KKR group established KKR blockchain fund and formally entered the blockchain industry!

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Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.,

Since it was founded in 1976, kkR has developed into a global investment company. Scope of business throughout the world, in China's participation in the equity investment business with haier group, cofco, 58 city, well-known enterprises such as optimal letter used car.

Digital currency trading platform


The high growth of the digital currency field and the profitability of the digital currency exchange have attracted more and more attention from financial giants. However, the access threshold of the exchange is relatively low, and there is no oligopoly market to form barriers. The industry is in a period of opportunity window in which reform and development coexist.

In order to seize this historic opportunity, KKR group, the world's largest equity investment institution with many years of experience in financial industry investment and management, took the lead in establishing KKR blockchain fund, which was strongly involved in the field of digital currency trading, and created KKR · DEX, the world's first digital currency decentralized trading platform characterized by digital currency option trading.

Development planning

Three year development plan

Become the world's largest corporate token Trading Center

October 2020

Project officially launched

November 2020

KKR·DEX is put into trial operation and open cycle contract

January 2021

10 offices in key cities in Asia Pacific Region

September 2021

Trial operation of KKR public chain

June 2022

Before that, we have completed the excavation of 50 star tokens of high-quality enterprises

June 2023

Become the world's largest corporate token Trading Center




Advantages of KKR·DEX

Build a decentralized exchange to make digital assets more secure!
Access to third-party trading market, put an end to man-made control!

In order to make the transaction more transparent and fair, and put an end to man-made manipulation. Our company has reached a strategic cooperation with the world's well-known exchanges, and the KKR platform will be fully connected to the fire currency network market. All kinds of market data and real-time synchronization of fire money network, to achieve millisecond time difference, but also investors a green trading environment.

Embedded in the traditional financial industry management and risk control system, the platform operation is more stable!

All the executives of KKR platform come from global investment institutions of KKR group. All staff have many years of enterprise management experience in the financial industry. The management firmly believes that the traditional management experience in the financial industry will certainly make the operation of enterprises more standardized.

Adopt double account book mode, improve the instant concurrent quantity!

The underlying ROC mechanism (repeated on chain) adopts the mode of off chain and on chain double ledger to ensure the security of user assets and support real-time high concurrency transactions.

Digital currency options trading makes trading easier!

Different from the complexity and incomprehensibility of contract trading, option trading provides a simple and convenient way of investment. You just need to choose the type and direction to start your investment.

The introduction of market making business opportunity system perfectly solves the problem of market depth and makes transactions quickly!

KKR has reached a strategic cooperation with XTX markets, the world's third largest foreign exchange market maker. XTX markets provides liquidity support for KKR platform in option trading.

Fast cash withdrawal speed, global withdrawal seconds to account!

Global cash withdrawal in seconds!

Constant issue, chain destruction

Each mining machine transaction automatically triggers the on chain destruction mechanism, and the daily destruction quantity can be queried through the chain. Truly achieve decentralized destruction to ensure the scarcity of total amount.

Four currency linkage, rolling issue

Four currencies are issued in a rolling manner, and only one coin is issued in a constant amount in each stage. The next stage of currency mining can be started only after the previous stage of currency mining is completed. The new members can only use the money that has been mined out to buy mining machines for mining. The more members participate, the greater the demand for coins, and finally one coin is hard to find!

Constant rise, worry free currency

The daily increase rate of the four currencies is 3%. Members do not need to bear the risk of currency price fluctuation, and the daily income of members holding coins will increase in compound interest!